JAZZ K LIPA feat SMITH & SMART - Underwear EP (Front Cover)
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A feel good song about manhood size and undercrackers: it's like Dresden's Jazz K Lipa was reading the minds of the 2012's dancefloors. And with these staggering psychic skills comes an innate sense of contemporary funk, too; the original is a Shaft-flavoured groove that rolls with car chase promise as Smith & Smart bounce off each with panache. Four remixers step up to the plate to complete the set: DJ Soo goes all low-swung and devious with a throbbing squidgy bass hook and sneaky samples thrown in for good measure. Calagad13 ups the tempo with a classic breakbeat swing and a snarling saw-tooth riff. JiggyJoe tweaks the high end for a quirky 8-bit factor while Gyorgy De Val stretches the bassline to create a more traditional breakbeat formula. Shucks, there's even an instrumental. What a package.

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