VATICAN SHADOW - Jordanian Descent (Front Cover)
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Vatican Shadow has emerged as one of the most interesting and elusive acts within modern techno. Dominick Fernow's music is consistently tricky to pin down and he's been restructuring the connection between dark, industrial rock and techno - something which has gained massive support from veteran Birmingham boy, Regis. Jordanian Descent is another spine-chilling journey into chambered, military beats and dismembered melodies. The "Sharia Law" mix is a slow-moving, monster of a track. Menacing snares and hi-hats are transformed into slithering pieces of percussion which whirl along to a chugging, progressive beat. "Guantanamo Military Commissions" is faster in tempo but nonetheless effective; a pounding, granulous kick drum makes way for a shifting collage of apocalyptic sounds and atmospherics. Another huge record from this mysterious producer - an absolute TIP.

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