SYNC, Julian/PO/SAGAE & KAWAKAMI/TACHINI - New born EP (Front Cover)
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If hard-edged techno is your thing, then you'd be well advised to check out New Born. Alternating between broken beat workouts and straight 4/4 brutality, the common bond here is an adherence to a relentlessness that is all too rare in contemporary techno. The Marco Rane remix of Julian Sync's "Eclectic" sets the tone, its dense broken beats underscoring shrieking riffs. A similar approach is audible on Sagae & Kawakami's "Cola Shout" where screeching stabs are to the fore, while Po's "Fearless Words" navigates the transition to towering 4/4s with intense, panning filters. However, it's Tachini who delivers the fatal blow, and the insane, shredded riffs that rain down on the stomping beats of "Tachini Je Weet" recall the intensity of classic Regis.

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