KID DRAMA - Trife EP (Front Cover)
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No trouble, no trife. No party, no trifle... While super-respected multi-alias danger maker Kid Drama has long since been affiliated with the Headz crew by association, this is actually his debut for the iconic label. Naturally he's not messed around as each of the five cuts hit with captivating, soul-stirring impact. "Brutal D" switches from gritty tech to sublime guitars, "Whole Train" updates the halftime program with some beautifully jazzy drums and scarily alien textures, "Articulation" is a space-aged bouncer straight out of the book of Blue Note, "Trife" takes us deep into the halftime industrial slurry where dreams are switched to nightmares while "Payback" closes on break-busted heavily-swung and synth-enriched finale. Each one ripping Kid Drama at his sharpest and most direct, this is a massive release.

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