KROTONE - Sleep Paralysis (Front Cover)
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The Heretic label isn't out to step on anyone's toes, or swipe up any talent from someone else's label. On the contrary, the young and ambitious bass label has been scouting out their own talents, and Krotone is just the latest name in what will surely continue to be a Pandora's box of names and gifted individuals. We like him from the off; "Dspd" rolls out its impressive mountains of beats and bass over a wonderfully melodic backdrop of Nippon-inspired sounds, "Sleep Paralysis" manages to inject a little grime wonder to a pounding, broken assortment of beats and glacial bass tones, while "Energy" dissolves its bass and percussion stabs into a dubby, aqueous sonic terrain. There's a pair of remixes, too, the first being Cloaka's version of "Dspd", all screams and industrial flair, and the second being a version of "Sleep Paralysis" from Geist - pure, frost-bitten bass for ya'..

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