KUMARACHI - Return To You (Front Cover)
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Danger danger danger: Kumarachi returns to Hybrid's Audio Addict with his largest body of work since his debut album Flashback released exactly a year ago, it's clear the young talent is still on serious rampage. Five firing originals deep, each cut is anchored with deep groaning bass weight and superb drum arrangements and clarity with highlights blurring your senses on every track... The filthy swing of "Flow Drop" with Octo-Pi, the electroid sizzles of "Straight Up", the tripped-out bass textures and subtle jazzy stabs of "Open Door" with Agro, the pure positivity and breezy soul of "Played Out" and the murkier, dark-dream shaker "Return To You" with US G Jaybee. Primed with an outstanding Section remix of last year's successful Liam Bailey-fronted banger "4am", this really is an exceptional package. Sleeping on this is a mug's game.

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