LAHJ - RAW.3 (Front Cover)
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There's a complete lack of information as to the identity of LAHJ, the latest jammer to appear on the excellent Crow Castle Cuts label but we hope it stands for Live At Hugh Jenkins in homage to Offenbach institution Live At Robert Johnson. Regardless of source, the four tracks here more than match the calibre of previous CCC output, with title track "Miller SC" a wonderfully dark yet playful groover with some blinding organ stabs. "Womb" finds LAHJ dip into acid fried techno that feels like it was recorded straight to tape, whilst "The Tinley Effect" strips things back to a more minimal thrust that allows more of the analogue feel to seep through. This leaves "Gears & Greas" to close proceedings in a jerky, rhythmically unpredictable fashion that would appeal to the Pudel crowd.

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