LAZY KISS - First Kiss (Front Cover)
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Lazy Kiss is a new project from Brazil-based DJs Marco Kothe, Pedro Floriani and Caco Velloso. First Kiss, their debut release, features what we'd classify as edits-not-edits - tracks that began as re-edits but were later turned into something else. It's a neat method of working, and one that has delivered solid results. Musically, there's much to admire, from the lazy Latin AOR disco of "Mala's Son" and the jazz-funk hustle of "George's Barrio", to the Nu Shooz re-imagining "I Can't Wait Forever" and camp Italo pulse of "Amadeo". Best of all, though, is "Balla", a mad-for-it trip into skewed disco territory that should prove a surefire hit on dancefloors.

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