LB DUB CORP - Turner's House (Front Cover)
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Luke Slater is best known for his searing, mind-bendingly futuristic techno as Planetary Assault Systems, but occasionally he slips into house mode as LB Dub Corp. With an excellent debut album scheduled in for release soon under this guise, this taster release reminds the listener of Slater's diverse palette. The title track is a nagging, acid-soaked jack track, while he changes tact on "Nearly Africa Dub". Sounding like a cross between Oliver Ho-style tribalism and early E-Dancer, as hypnotic chants are led by a menacing sub-bass. Slater also shows his sense of humour on "I Have A Dream". Featuring Benjamin Zephaniah delivering a tongue in cheek version of Martin Luther King's famous "I Have a Dream" speech, it has choice lines like "one day everyone will have to own at least one Barry Manilow record", set to a dubby techno groove.

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