LOOPMASTERS - The Blues Sessions Vol 2 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI) (Front Cover)
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The Blues returns to Loopmasters HQ but it ain't nothin to be sad bout as Harvey Summers is back with the second installment of one of our most successful sample collections to date, The Blues Sessions.

Blues Sessions 2 is an incredible sample collection capturing authentic Blues performances on Drums, Guitars, Blues Harp, Resonator Mandolin and Bass by some of the country's best session musicians at Harvey's Broadoak studio recorded through some incredible equipment including RCA ribbon mics from the 40's, Sony Valve mics (C37A) from the 50's, Neve and RCA pre amps, and mixed on a classic, 70's Raindirk series III console, formerly owned by Olympic Studios.
All of the musicians featured on The Blues Sessions II are well-known professionals in their genres and of the highest calibre. They include drummer Liam Genockey, guitarist Roger Hubbard, Vocalists Doctor Savage, Mama Josie, Otis Albini, Blues-harpist Jem Turpin, John Pearson and Harvey Summers.

The collection is dripping with the atmosphere and mojo associated with blues recordings from the last 100 years, not over-clean, over-produced or sanitized, so you'll find lots of these sounds are raw, edgy, and in some cases, quite noisy due to the authentic period equipment used in their production. This is all intentional and will add bags of character to your productions. Also included are some loops of room tone and mic & valve amp noise, hum and buzz. These can be used to help blend sound together, or you may like to run them underneath your whole mix for added atmosphere!
This vast and comprehensive sample pack includes over 3 GB 24-bit, 44.1kHz.of loops and hits. We have separated each instrument into separate downloads and in each folder you will find Acidised Wavs, Apple Loops, Rex2 Files and in the Drums and Guitars packs you also get one shot samples and sampler patches.

Everything has been recorded to include room mics for added vibe, in many cases, such as with the guitars, the direct signal is panned all the way to one channel, while the room mic is panned opposite, so you can balance the wet/dry signal yourself - or just use them as is.

In Detail
610 Vocal loops including solo male and female voices, choir, vintage vocals & scats.
344 Harmonica samples featuring bass and regular blues harps with clean and dirty, amped tones.
301 Guitar loops including 1920?s style, Acoustic Resonator and Electric Resonator plus a cool selection of Amp and Room Noises
99 Resonator Mandolin Loops ranging from Blue Grass, Classic, Folk to Funky and Slide styles
381 Great Drum loops ranging from slow swings, to stomping beats. There are also 153 Drum Shots arranged into 3 velocity mapped drum kits
123 Electric Bass loops
If you are looking for some serious Blues inspiration for your sampler it really doesn?t get any better than the Blues Sessions series, check out the demo songs and download the free to use taster loops and then sample the best sounding Blues samples by Loopmasters Today!
Blues Sessions Vol1 is Here
NOTE: Save when you buy! After you purchase one of the Blues Sessions Vol2 packs you will find a PDF with a coupon code that will work with the rest of the packs. If you want to buy more Blues Sessions 2 packs, make sure to buy one and then check the coupon code inside the pack.

Tech Specs
610 Vocal loops
344 Harmonica Loops
301 Guitar Loops + Amp Noises
99 Resonator Mandolin Loops
381 Great Drum Loops + 3 Drum Kits
123 Electric Bass loops

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