MADTEO - Noi No (Front Cover)
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With releases across Workshop, Meakusma and Hinge Finger, Madteo has shown himself to be one of the underground's most interesting figures, creating downtempo, druggy hybrids of hip-hop and deep house with a loose, MPC feel. Finnish purveyors of leftfield electronics Sahko may not be the most obvious home for his dusty brand of music, but on listening to Noi No it makes total sense; for the most part the album takes a beatless approach, "Rut-A-Round" combines sludgy drones with serene chords, "Gory Glory" feels like a house track with the beats missing, while "Vox Your Nw Yr Resolution" is a drowsy collection of vocal cut-ups, though "Dead Drop" is a bonafide dancefloor killer created in the way only Madteo could. Somewhere between sepia-tinted deep house and glacial glitch, Noi No sounds like nothing else released this year. Highly recommended.

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