MADTEO feat SENSATIONAL - Recast (Front Cover)
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Marcellus Pittman, Kassem Mosse and Shake Shakir all contribute their own take on Madteo for this essential Meakusma EP! If being anointed with the honour of the debut release on Hinge Finger wasn't notice of Madteo's potential, this release should convince you of his obvious standing amongst the techno cognoscenti. Pittman draws out a thick and futuristic revision of "Mad See Scrolls" which simultaneously seems filled with textured, melodic light and shifting, uneasy analogue dread. Up- next Kassem Mosse shows why he's bosse (sic), totally fucking with "Very Sweaty Palms" dissecting the vocal delivery of Sensational over a messed up 808 electro flex doused in a thousand lost sounds. If your brain hasn't been rewired completely by that, it's likely Shake's take on "Bangin On The Ceiling" will, paying equal disregard for vocal flow on a revision that sits somewhere between hip-hop and utopian beatdown. Just wow.

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