Mampi Swift/Mampi Swift & DJ Fresh/Friction/DJ Blame - Revisited  Part 1 (Front Cover)
CHRG 048
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Few names command respect on a Mampi level. Even when he promises his new album for over two years, he still retains his crown. Listen to tracks like these and it's easy to understand why; "Back To 92" is a pastiche of the best detuned synths and ugliest breaks of the era, all brought together with today's production muscle. "The Spirits", meanwhile, is plain tear-out banshee business (think Ram Trilogy) The rest of the EP sees Swift remastering three Charge classics for the modern day: his Fresh collaboration "Play Me" still ruffles the finest hairs on your spine while the sci-fi tones and twangs of Friction's "3rd Planet" still sound futuristic. Finally we hit Blame's "Stay Forever". A straight-up string-drenched anthem from one of drum & bass's most interesting creative chapters, it still has total relevance to this day.

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