MARK E - Oranges (Front Cover)
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"Oranges" remains one of the most enduring tracks to feature on Stone Breaker, Mark E's debut album released on Spectral Sound last year, finding favour with a broad spectrum of DJs and even being complemented by a deft Jacques Renault edit. In order to satisfy those rueing their decision to invest in an "Orange"-less vinyl edition of the album, Spectral have given it a deserved single release, with a complementary "Space Dub" from Mr Evetts himself. This release provides a welcome chance to re-familiarise yourself with what is a sumptuous example of house music at its most simplistically effective, those warm synth tones proving just as delightful to your senses all these months on. In essence, the "Space Dub" is a pretty apt title - launching in the manner of a rocket skywards through a cosmically charged array of fizzing machine textures and piston heavy rhythms, sounding like a completely different track until Evetts slowly teases through those familiar melodic elements.

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