RONSON, Mark/BONSAI KAT/PLUMP DJS - Plump DJs Presents Dirty Weekend EP 2 (Front Cover)
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The Plumps follow up April's debut Dirty Weekend volume with this tricky trio of upfront bangers. Their own remix of Mark Ronson's "Record Collection" is the most intriguing; proper full-on techno with a screaming acid hook and thunderous 4/4 kick, it's quite the monster... And wildly contrasting to their earlier work. Detboi's remix of Bonsai Kat's "Bla Bla" follows and it's yet another acid-saturated smasher. Those old enough to recall DJ Misjah & Tim's "Access" (ask your mum) should resonate with this. Shucks, anyone with half an ear should resonate with this! Finishing off the uncompromising club-focussed EP is a Blatta & Inesha remix of the Plumps' "Gobstopper"; a lolloping, beats with shades of electro and techno, the Italian outfit have retained the original old school flavoured synth hook and very little else. Floor trembling stuff... Check-in or check the hell out!

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