STAR, Matt/ANDRE BUTANO/MIGUEL LOBO/TONY DEE/REDDUB - A Kind Of Kling Klong Vol 5 (Front Cover)
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German label Kling Klong may be one of the main flag bearers for the tool house sound, but this compilation shows that it is about much more than current sounds. Matt Star's "Baboo" represents a trip back to the recent past, with hiccupping vocal samples and a stripped back groove recalling 2006-style minimal. Going back further in time are Andre Butano & Miguel Lobo, who on "Bruch" adeptly relive the deep, rolling disco house of late 90s labels like Paper and producers like Tom Midleton. However, A Kind of Kling Klong Volume 5 is in touch with the present as much as the past. Nowhere is this more evident than on Tony Dee's "Plastik Dream", a rolling tribal affair with undercurrents of post-noughties menace.

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