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Translations 01


Translations 01

Spectrum Spools

Cat: SP 026
Genre: Experimental/Electronic
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Spectrum Spools introduces yet another new talent to its flourishing catalogue - Michael Pollard, head of Brooklyn-based label, Arbor. The Editions Mego offshoot has been rather busy this year, releasing some of the most intriguing electronic recordings around. The whole LP is a meticulous study of individual elements and their auditive properties, such as the opener "Material Study 01 (Sand)": a detailed expose of how water movements and the cracking of sand interact to produce swirling mixtures of noise. "Material Study 02 (Cello & Jacket)" is a chilling portrait of muddies sonics and subdued melodies, urging to be released among its echoing walls of sound. "Spatialisation Study 01 (One Freeze From Seven Positions In A House)" and its second chapter "(Forty-nine tracks of isolated and overlayed clicks generated from the material and positions of the previous study)" are both hypnotic bundles of free-flowing drones and organic sounds; with the former being a long, sweltering drone, while the latter begins with scattered jolts which transform into a cyclone of white noise and distant bangs. Finally, "A Pencil Rubbing For The Art Cover" is Pollard's most avant-garde moment, where a simple movement of a pencil scratching against a surface produces a surprisingly alluring and mesmerising frequency of sound. Serious noise experimentations going on here!

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