MILAN DU BOIS - Vals Plat EP (Front Cover)
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MELO 025
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Here's some cool safety advice: if someone ever accosts you with a gun and demands you explain exactly what deep house is, simply play them this. Cool and understated with an organ-heavy groove that gradually develops, and never sits still, this constantly twists and turns without ever leaving the original template. Just like all good deep house records should. A real mood setter, "Vals Plat" is then taken into a more euphoric, trippier pasture by Brand. Equally as deep but with added disco funk twinges and a well placed vocal loop, it's the perfect compliment to the original. Just in case your gun man still isn't satisfied - which really isn't likely - then play them "Javac". Bubbly, sub aquatic audio, it's the type of cut that wouldn't go amiss in a Jimpster set. Or indeed yours.

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