MIMETIC - Where We Will Never Go (Front Cover)
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Mimetic - otherwise known as Jerome Soudan - started his career as a drummer for the band Von Magnet before turning to the world of psychedelic techno and far-out electronic excursions, and this latest LP for Germany's Hymen Records is a veritable depiction of his broad range of styles and influences. The word is 'beats' here, and the opener "Synthetize Me" has one of those drum breaks that grab you by the chin from its first bar, something which can be said about pretty much every track on this fifteen piece leviathan. "So Little Chance" adds in some prophetic vocals to his shuffling drum percolations, whilst "Game In Land 2" feels like AFX gone even more mad on a totally out-of-control drum sequencer, while title track "Where We Will Never Go" sounds like something Kraftwerk would cook up if they'd engaged in Belgian EBM. Other highlights include: "One Of Us", a totally screwed-up hip-hop-grime-rave number, "Cyanure" which sounds like a mix between Autechre and Drexciya, and also don Mika Vainio's remix of "WWWNever Go" - an inevitably incredible chunk of drones like only Mr.Vainio can do. Recommended.

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