CASUAL VIOLENCE/VOIDLOSS - Mutual Violation EP (Front Cover)
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Digital label Singularity provides the platform for mutual appreciation between South African producer Voidloss and Casual Violence, with each producer reworking two of his peer's tracks. The Casual Violence version of "Realisation Of Mind Fractures" suggests the listener may be in for a softer than expected experience, with rolling breakbeats underpinning a repetitive chant sample. That illusion is quickly shattered by Voidloss' granite beat and firing percussive version of Casual Violence's "Briefly Sexual" and the dense, metallic screeching and industrial eeriness of Casual Violence's version of Voidloss' "Simple Things For Simple Minds". The second Voidloss take on "Briefly Sexual", where shredded metallic drums are merged with Gothic vocals, confirms that intensity is the prevalent mood.

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