NITERIDER - After Dark (Front Cover)
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The start of 'After 8' is it's insane percussion, a wide collection different sound and even a hit of Big Ben's bell, the breaks and broken and fast and it's an ode to the ghost of drums past with modern metalic stabbing layered on top, it's sinister to say the least. Starting life as a dancehall slowjam 'Champagne Problem' has got you in the mood to dance from the get go, soulful piano chords and muffled vocals give you no warning of the crazy, crossover bass which is about to cause a riot. 'Dwag's Day' has a distinctly hiphop undertone, apart from the vocal the piano pattens remind us of old Tupac beats. 'Lost in Space' is a grinding industrial onslaught of sound, it's one for the harder heads, the vox is quite morbid. 'Rubber Band Man' is our highlight of the release it has a hazy, dreamy soundscape, twisted sharp metallics and a killer pulsating sub.

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