OCTO OCTA - Where Are We Going? (Front Cover)
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Having spent the last few years delivering pleasingly melodious, far-sighted singles on Argot, Skylax, Deepblak and Running Back, Maya Bouldry-Morrison has joined the Honey Soundsystem family. Where Are We Going Is the Brooklyn-based artist's first album since 2013, when she was regarded as one of 100% Silk's most talented producers. As full-length adventures go, it's undeniably enjoyable, with Bouldry-Morrison delivering warm, retro-futurist cuts that cannily combine elements of vintage Chicago deep house and Italian dream house tropes with the breakbeat-driven shuffle of rave-era British dance records and occasional Motor City style flourishes. While there's naturally plenty of club-ready material throughout, it's also the sort of album that you can comfortably listen to in the comfort of your own home.

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