OZO - Anambra (Front Cover)
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ISLE 004
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Isle Of Jura is an Adelaide based record label from Kevin Griffiths (Tsuba) focusing on reissues of forgotten musical gems with occasional releases from today's artists. For the next official reissue, the label goes back to 1976 to resurrect "Anambra", the jewel in the crown of dub, soul and funk outfit Ozo. The track is is something of a classic: a unique song that's slow, ritualistic and spiritual, mixing African & Nyabinghi drumming with a Buddhist Sanskrit mantra. There are three versions featured here, including an alternate version named "Anambra River" which appears for the first time. Completely re-mastered for 2017. Other reissues in 2017 have come courtesy of British trance innovators Holy Ghost Inc, the Belgian new beat of Chayell and Brian Bennett: best known as the drummer of the UK band The Shadows.

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