HOESEN, Peter Van - Transitional State (Front Cover)
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Anyone who had Peter Van Hoesen down as having a one-track mind will be surprised and impressed by State. The Belgian producer does his usual techno sound on "19 Continued", but the bass is more epic and reminiscent of 90s Detroit techno than post-noughties European music. "Admonition" is a nod to his solo and Sendai abstract work as infectious bleeps and tones unfold over a complex mid-tempo groove, while "Transitional State 2" is like a halfway house for his abstract and techno experiments with a recoiling bass and a robotic interpretation of UK funky's shuffle acting as the adjudicator. On "Transitional State 1" he regains his usual techno poise. The rhythm is fractured and less linear than usual - but the bass is as murderous as ever.

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