PINK STALLONE feat JOEY WASHINGTON - Dancing In Time (Front Cover)
UTS 027
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Across a multiplicity of releases and remixes on labels such as ThisIsNotAnExit, RVNG INTL and Lo there's always been a unique quality to the music of Pink Stallone that's been hard to pin down and slap an easily digestible label on. A deft combination of classic song writing and eminently danceable rhythms that stay close to the 4/4 axis yet contain a distinctly liquid feel is the best way to describe the New Jersey musicians' latest production in tow with singer Joey Washington - the elastic, twilight delight that is "Dancing In Time". Another gold star in the Under The Shade release schedule, the slow burn of the original is complemented by a stack of fine remixes. Mugwump call shotgun with a decidedly low slung revision that places the emphasis squarely on how deep the bassline can grab your guts - a pleasantly reserved effort from the Belgian duo, who also contribute a dub version. Wolf + Lamb duo No Regular Play opt for the more percussive approach, with stuttering patterns augmented by some dizzying subaqueous chord patterns in the early moments, though the vocals signal a shift into something wholly more satisfying.

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