POLLUTED MINDZ feat BAYKU - Ride My Beat (Front Cover)
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Peaktime grime-meets-electro with plenty of crossover potential, Bayku waxes lyrical about intoxicating drink combos and partying like glamorous rockstars while the Polluted Mindz get heavy with a bashy beat and nagging topline hook. If it's a little too in-your-face, look no further than Chuckie's series of rubs and dubs; adding some cool filtered chords and more of a funky house feel, he's paved a smoother ride without taking any of the edge and energy from original. Those with a penchant for two-step will be keen to hear Mike Delinquent's remix. Old school meets new school in a rather delightful way; between him, Chuckie and the original, this package caters for many, many tastes.

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