PYRAMID JUKE - Maybe (Front Cover)
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Little is known about emerging bass fiends Pyramid Juke right now, but with beats that bang as exceptionally as this, their anonymity isn't likely to last. Kicking it old school with the synths, but utterly new school with the beats, arrangement and addictive bassline, this rocks with confidence and sits at a very comfortable tempo too. Naturally, it being a Bass=Win release, there's a plethora of stonking remixes on offer, too. AMPR & Rico Tubbs take the tempo even lower and add a serious swagger to the beats along with a screaming bassline that will melt faces at a thousands paces. Meanwhile I Killed Kenny adds more of a tropical flavour before dropping with some drum work that could almost be old school hardcore. Reilly Steel & Jaws Da Jormungand bring the show to an almighty close with a rub that sounds like it really was made in 1992. Think A Guy Called Gerald but trippier. A very interesting package; there's no maybes about it!

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