READYMADE FC - Bold (Front Cover)
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Jean-Philippe Verdin's 2001 classic gets a timely re-release. In many ways, the template that the French producer laid down on Bold sounds more poignant in 2012 than before, with the twitchy garage swing of "Mid-Class Hero" and the swinging groove of "Jailhouserock" sounding familiar to the current funky trend. Bold also sees Verdin explore minimal house on the offbeat "Breathe 'Part 1 & 2" and, unusually for a dance producer, showcase his pop talent. He hints at this on the orchestral "Interlude 01" and gives full vent to his ambitions on the skittish, bouncy rhythm of "Sugarfuel", which features the smoky tones of former Japan frontman David Sylvian. A Bold work indeed.

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