RED AXES - Tour De Chile EP (Front Cover)
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Red Axes cover a wide range of ground on Chile. The title track teems with robust tribal drums and is driven by a searing bassline, but it's the shimmering synths that set it apart. The Soft Rocks take also features the evocative synths, but on that occasion they are wrapped around heavy claps and a pulsing bass, while the Bobmo version of "On and On" is a jacking, squelchy groove with screeching riffs dive-bombing in and out. However, the release takes a really interesting turn on "Sun Goes Down". There, Red Axes do a fine approximation of Detroit electro as robotic vocals merge with shuffling 808s. "On And On" is also built on the drum shuffle, but its howling riffs call to mind the 1994 classic "Bells" by Hazed on Plus 8.

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