ST JOHN, Rory/MATTIAS FRIDELL/FILIP XAVI - Dire Predictions EP (Front Cover)
TKR 12
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It's true that bad news sells, but how does this apply to techno music? On the evidence of Predictions, there should be an audience for the more visceral end of the form. Filip Xavi's "Arcade Psycho" is a grinding, banging affair, its jarring riffs and firing percussion leading the arrangement to a thrilling finale. Mattias Fridell's "Universal Domain Analysis" is cut from a similar cloth, with the added bonus of eerie interference in the background. Despite this, the highlight is Rory St John's "Sadbat". Less intense than the other tracks, its linear, metallic rhythm is infused with acid blips and a muffled female vocal that guarantees it is the most disturbing of them all.

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