ROWL - Smokin Sessions Vol 22 (Front Cover)
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They say smoking is bad for your health. Poppycock! Play any Smokin Sessions jam to a man who's about to kick off and watch how they turn to a baby-like mush of giggles and cuddles. So smooth, deep and textured, there's no way this type of Smokin can be harmful. Especially when you're tooting with Rowl. Usually found arm-in-arm with Versa, he's gone solo for this lovely trio of shimmering nodders. "Organic" is a swampy two-step with far-away reverb shots and just a smidgeon of synth tingles, "Cosmic Visions" is a much more horizontal affair - like an old progressive record played at half speed with a third of the amount of beats. "Fountain" finishes the set with more subverted two-step held together loosely with dreamy pads and a warm, weeping lead lines. Instant soothers; start Smokin today.

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