RP BOO - Fingers, Bank Pads & Shoe Prints (Front Cover)
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RP Boo, aka Kevain Space, doesn't always get the praise that he deserves given the fact that he is one of the pioneers of juke and footwork alongside the recently departed DJ Rashad. Space hasn't flooded the market with his music and instead has opted to keep his releasing schedule sparse, with only a handful of releases for the likes of London's Honest Jon's, (adult swim), and Dance Mania, of course. He has, however, already released an LP for the UK's Planet Mu imprint and he returns with another one for the now heavily established label. The mood is classic RP Boo, where the fourteen tracks skip and roll their way across 808's, provocative vocal chops and heavy low-ends. There are also more pensive moments on here, such as "Your Choice" (one of our favourite moments), "Kemosabe" and "Daddy's Home". All in all, this is a much needed joint for all the lovers of that Chicago juke sound...something of a rarity these days!

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