RUXIM - Open Window (Front Cover)
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Ruxim delivers an EP which spans many elements of the dnb spectrum and all understood to a very high, undiluted standard. 'Open Window' has a certain air of Headz about it, with its sweeping pads and ethereal vibe, deep unobtrusive sub, and twists of mutated techiness. 'Scarlett and Georgie' is more of a rolling, ray of light, waves of warmth, a heartfelt vocal and then unexpected swaths of violent metallic, reminding us of Spectrasoul's glory days, great track. 'Don't Sleep' is an all-out itchy, glitchy attack, the gloriously uncomfortable sound of contortion rules the track. 'Stasis' is our standout tack of the release with melancholic chords, and somber atmospherics, the vocal performance by Jimmy Danger, is sophisticate and suave. Fantastic release.

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