DUPREE, Ryan vs ERICH LESOVSKY - Ryan Dupree vs Erich Lesovsky (Front Cover)
SVT 064
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Listening to this split release, it sounds like mnml never went away - it just grew up and became more diverse. "Don't Stop" by Dupree is based on a typical stop-start, stuttering mnml groove, but it also swells to a climax with some warm chords. The same producer's "Step by Step" is also based on clicking, hiccupping rhythms, but the bassline is muscular and robust - the polar opposite of emasculated white noise pap. Lesosvsky also impresses with his reinvention of stripped back techno and both "Tanzholz" and "Crystal Clock" climax to the sound of epic, trancey chords - the shards of gltchy percussion that follow in their wake a reminder of the space in which Lesosvsky's thought patterns originated.

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