SCOTT FRANKA - The Gym (Front Cover)
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QSB 01
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Nachtbraker's Quartet Series label was founded to serve up EPs containing tracks from four different artists. Here, the imprint changes tack slightly, instead delivering a quartet of cuts from one artist: debutant Scott Franka. He sets out his stall via the title track, where bold chord progressions - played on some particularly starry synths - rub shoulders with iron-pumping acid bass and restless drum machine hits. Elsewhere, near Balearic melody arpeggio lines and eyes-closed pads combine to create a positive mood on the bumping "Toenail", the producer cannily doffs a cap to ghetto-house on the bass-heavy, cut-up thrills of "Sorry", and takes a trip into broken house territory on the acid-driven madness of "Street".

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