SERUM - Hunchback (Front Cover)
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SOUP 0004
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Oh Serum, how many pieces have you smashed 2017 to? Our last count was a billion but we may well be looking around the trillion mark with this new Souped Up special. Funk, humour, darkness and brute force are all at play here as we're treated to three more floor-burning classic Serum buzzes: "Hunchback" takes us back to Bingo's golden age with a riff so bouncy you'll be putting stabilisers back on your bike, "Nomads" is a little darker in its texture but just as funkily persuasive while "Road Dog" takes the Bristol sound, adds a hundred barking Staffies and lets them off the lead and right in to your face and ears. Tremendous stuff that's both classic, timeless and one of a kind. Salute to Serum!

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