SERUM & VOLTAGE - Mission Control (Front Cover)
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SOUP 0003
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If Serum's new label Souped Up was an actual soup what flavour would it be? A minestrone perhaps? Full of chewy textures and a wholesomeness that instantly hits the heart. How about a mulligatawny, all hot and rich? Or maybe a classic oxtail? Intense and beefy. Whatever flavour you can compare it to, like all soups, it does what it says on the tin and it's best served piping hot. Here are two more cases in point Serum and fellow roller king Voltage; the rocket-launching Charge-like chiselled riff on "Mission Control" and the slinky jungle stepper which nods at Full Cycle sound with its mild wafts of jazziness, loose drums and continuous bass mutations. Chewy, wholesome, hot, rich, intense and beefy: Souped Up is every drum & bass flavour right now... Get it inside you!

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