SETH TROXLER - This Is Then Finally Physical EP (Front Cover)
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As befits one of the most daring big name DJs, Seth Troxler's latest offering on his label is hard to pin down. "Blackclap" starts with the kind of warped stuttering percussion that defined mmml - possibly a tongue in cheek nod from Troxler - before moving into an effective, stepping rhythm. "Aggression" sounds inspired by his home town, Detroit; a tone-shifting bass unravels over dense drums as a scrambled radio broadcast plays away in the background. In truly unpredictable form, on the flip side Troxler opens things up to some of his close associates; the Thrill Cosby take on Heartthrob's "Signs" is a morose, noisy stepper, while Troxler himself turns Stefan Tretau's "Chittagong" into a stripped back, bleepy rhythm.

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