SHADOW CARTEL - Feed Me Bass (Front Cover)
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Rewind to 2003: Shadow Cartel crept out of Basement's historic shadows at a time when drum & bass had experienced its first chart exposure and been through one of its darkest phases yet. Jump-up was a spotty adolescent, liquid was flowing from every crevice and Bad Company were in their final throes of scene domination. In a nutshell; an interesting time of flux for the genre that's captured here across the 13 remastered and slightly updated tracks. Moments like hurly burly drum shuffles of the title track "Feed Me Bass", the eerie vocal textures and sudden switch on "Ghost" and lush loose drummed rattles and funk of "Spirit Of The Shadow" are stand-out but the whole album is an insightful trip into a scene that had barely turned 10 at the time.

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