SILENCER - Butchers EP (Front Cover)
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If you're spitting bars right now, there's only one man you want to go to...Silencer, once again is going in hard with his 6 track EP on his very own Teddy Music. As you may have been able to gage from the apt name, 'Tedskimo' is heavily influenced from the days of grime past, particularly Wiley's most celebrated era, taking the classic bouncing sound and added a darker tinge. 'Deep' is on a tip of complex simplicity with the main emphasis of the track surrounding the sub, until that sinister horror film twinkle comes in. 'Crush' uses intense layers of strings which sound as though they've been plucked form a orchestra, while 'On The Run' mixes creepy ghoulish howls with a sprinkling of sparking magic sand, and ends up sounding like something Ludacris would jump on. The last two tracks 'Not For The TV' and 'Licence' have more of an America swag to them, the former, slower and drawing influence form early 2000's Atlanta and the latter adding trap type shuffles and shakers.

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