SIMSKAI - Instruments (Front Cover)
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In the many a hipster in the UK may turn their noses up at dark and dirty jump up, "It's too loud, too simple and just too much". But in Europe and across the pond jump up is embraced and nurtured as part of the wider scene, and therefor can accommodate influence from across the entire dnb sphere, and vice versa. We think this the reason Simskai's, gutter scraping-ly good EP sounds so distinguished. 'Instruments' is an assault rifle track, with modulated shots being flung all over the top of a warm, undercover sub. 'Monster' is a fast paced stepper brimming with herculean energy and twisted techy nods. High pitched whistles and a tongue in cheek vox sample bring all the grubby hallmarks of jump up to 'Weird' but there are levels of echoes and atmospherics that bring a dystopian nuero feel. 'Energy' has a real mix of the darker sub-genre's, a barrage of sci-fi samples, a low pulsating sub and high distorted bursts of synth, it's a biggie. 'Lights Out' finishes the EP were we started, in a grotty, devil summoning soundscape, crisp breaks standout here against a collection of horror film worthy elements.

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