SOULPERSONA feat PRINCESS FREESIA - Momentum (The Remixes) (Front Cover)
PJMS 0214
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"Momentum" first surfaced two years ago on the largely overlooked Soulpersona album of the same name. Here, the Princess Freesia-voiced, boogie influenced soul jam is given a makeover by remixers Ziggy Phunk and Rory Breaker. The former steals the show with a couple of interpretations - full vocal and dub - the re-cast the track as a sparkling, boogie-flavoured disco-house jam smothered in cute guitar riffs, colorful synths and chunky bass. While the vocal version is rather tidy, we prefer the stripped-back, rolling feel of the subtly proto-house influenced Dub. As for Rory Breaker's version, it's a warm and loved-up affair that reminded us of early Soul II Soul and the overlooked (but thoroughly brilliant) Def Mix of Inner City's 1989 cover of Stephanie Mills favourite "Whatcha Gonna Do With My Lovin".

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