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Analog Signature V3 for Reason 4 upwards features 500+ combinator patches containing beautiful analog sounds from the past as well some mouth watering REX loops covering the old analog drum boxes.

The MS20, the Moog Source, the Waldorf MicroWAVe and from version 3 onwards the Waldorf Pulse have been carefully sampled and put into Reason's samplers to make use of the unique alternate sample switch feature that NN-XT has on board. This alt switching gives the sampled legends extra realism, since no repeated note will sound exactly the same, just like in the old days.

According to Soundcells, the fun part during the production of this Reason ReFill began when they started to combine samples from these four synths within single patches. Almost all patches have their own velocity-controlled counterparts to introduce the now-a-day
possibilities of musical and intuitive control within the realms of the old, originally more static synths.

Version 2 featured new samples from the Waldorf MicroWAVe 1, 40 new combinator patches and great new backdrops. With version 3 this ReFill is extended even further with 40 combinator patches mainly based on these new Waldorf Pulse samples.

Analog Signature Features:
508 combinator patches (40 new since V3)
249 NN-XT patches
970+ samples (346 MB)
48 rexfiles containing analog drum box loops
Sampled Moog, Korg and Waldorf Sounds
Alternate sample switching for high realism
Bonus: a beautiful-sounding Rhodes piano

The Source by Moog:
The Source was one of the first monologue synths to have memory storage of patches. This legendary synthesizer (born in the USA in 1981) carries the famous Moog filter and has 2 great super fat-sounding oscilators on board. The Source has been used by Tangerine Dream, Jan Hammer, Depeche Mode, Devo, Vince Clarke, New Order, Ultravox, Josh Wink, Front Line Assembly, Moog Cookbook, Kitaro, Imperial Drag, The Cars, Phish, The Rentals, King Crimson, Blur, Jonson and Gary Numan.

The MS20 by Korg:
The MS20 (born in Japan in 1978) was one of Korg's first major successful portable analogue monosynths and it's a classic even today! It is an analog two-oscillator monophonic synthesizer with hard wired and patchable connections. The user can over-ride the hard-wiring using patch-cords. This type of hard-wired but patchable design was similar to the ARP 2600 of the late seventies.

In addition to two analogue oscilators, the MS-20 featured two resonant VCF filters, two VCAs, sample and hold, a noise generator, an assignable mod-wheel and lots of knobs! The VCF filter section is capable of high-pass, low-pass, notch and band-reject which is unique and different than your basic lowpass style filter. External sound sources can be routed through the filter section as well.

The MS20 has been and is still used today by artists such as William OrBit, Aphex Twin, Hardfloor, Air, SkyLab, Stereolab, Vince Clarke, Astral Projection, Biosphere, Apollo 440, Mr. Oizo, God, Het Goede Doel, Jimi Tenor, The Prodigy, OMD, Freddy Fresh, Luke Vibert, Einstuerzende Neubauten, Add N to (X), Daft Punk, Coldcut, Die Krupps, Skinny Puppy, Electronic Dream Planet, Jimmy Edgar, Front 242, Front Line Assembly, The Legendary Pink Dots, KMFDM, Severed Heads, Royksopp, The Shamen, Cecil Harding, Jean-Michel Jarre and Portishead.

The MicroWAVe by Waldorf:
The MicroWAVe 1 (born in Germany in 1990) is a digital polyphonic WAVetable synthesizer module that can emulate classic analog sounds as well as create new and unique sounds through digital WAVetable modelling. It's got 8 voice polyphony, 64 memory patches, full MIDI implementation and due to it's analog filters it sounds just great!

There are tons of WAVes / WAVetables for shaping all kinds of sounds, flexible resonant filters and a noise generator! Soundcells used this great machine to bring the unique flavours of the late eighties and early nineties sound palettes into their Analog Signature ReFill.

About the Analog Signature V3 MP3 demos:
Everything you hear in the MP3 demos has been entirely done within Reason while making use of nothing other than patches and sounds from this ReFill.

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