STL - Things From The Basement (Front Cover)
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If Stephan Laubner was a rapper his rhymes would be as raw as Ol' Dirty and as rough as the RZA. Instead, Laubner aka STL lets his drum machines and synthesisers do the talking. Things From The Basement is STL's latest digital missive on the Something series, containing three locked grooves from the original vinyl release. "In My Dreams" spits raw and sketchy beats with no hint of a melody until wandering synths are slowly introduced around the four minute mark. Laubner's "Intrusion Dub" is awash with a warm aquatic flow, softening the brighter scrapes of the original, whereas the shuddering kicks and typewriter percussion of "Wasabi Flavoured" pound over STL's trademark fizz and crackle, as a wonderfully trippy analogue synth squeals and bleeps like a malfunctioning modem. The lo-fi beats of "Too Slow" act as an instrumental intermission that shares similar sonic qualities to MCDE's Raw Cuts series and Kid Swing's "I Hate Bling Rappers". STL then gets tropical with "Vintage Hunter", a friendly beachside jam coupled with synthesised steel drums and rattling island percussion. Highly recommended.

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