SUB DRIFTER - Listen EP (Front Cover)
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Sub bastions Macabre Unit Digital continue to forage at the fringes for fresh talent and once again they've cropped a serious harvest: welcome Norwegian newcomer Sub Drifter. Previously spotted on Instigate, his M.U.D debut develops his technique to whole new levels: "Listen" hits with subtlety as an industrial strength roll morphs and mutates with stealth while "Se7en" exploits a radar blip with pressurised momentum. Looking for something bitter and twisted? Jump on the fittingly titled "Hit Back Hard" where a sizzling, electric current bassline frazzles and burns through everything in its path. Finally we hit the striking drama of "One Of Us" where a deep space unhurried intro flings us into the swampiest, gloopiest drop this side of the sewage plant. Listen up.

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