SUN RA & HIS INTERGALACTIC RESEARCH ARKESTRA - Planets Of Life Or Death: Amiens '73 (Front Cover)
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Here's a rare treat for jazz fans: a previously unreleased recording of Sun Ra and his sprawling Arkestra performing live, during their early 1970s pomp. Planets of Life Or Death: Amiens '73 was, apparently, recorded direct to reel to reel during a concert in France, then mastered for this release from that solo tape copy. It sounds wonderful, as you'd expect, and as freaky, colourful, vibrant and psychedelic as you'd expect. Check, for example, the discordant percussion and repetitive organs of the 17-minute "Love In Outer Space", or the proto-modem noises of the decidedly intergalactic sax and electronics jam "Discipline 27-II /What Planet Is This". The latter is, without doubt, one of the most out-there freestyle jazz workouts you're every likely to hear.

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