SUNDAY ROAST - Jacked EP (Front Cover)
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Our kid Roasty's got history with SoulSerious; pretty much every release has cried for attention and this is no exception. The title track pilfers a cheeky Groove Armada snippet that weaves and bobs amid an uncompromising four/four and some moombahton flavoured bleeps. Meanwhile "Alien Recon" takes a great, chant-like vocal and applies it to a really stark, tribal drum pattern and some evil alien stabs. "Venom" takes us past the point of no return with heavy old school hardcore synths and bruiseworthy bashy beat. And that's just half the EP; elsewhere you'll find savage bass blending with deep, twirling synths ("Yellow Box"), gritty sub-fuelled acid house ("Wanna Go Higher") and euphoric, bleepy, synth-driven house ("Blindmedia").

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