SUPERPITCHER - The Golden Ravedays 10 (Front Cover)
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Aksel Schaufler has undertaken an ambitious effort this year with his Golden Ravedays concept, where over each month throughout 2017 he has released another respective edition. We are almost at the end - but as sad as it is, we do have the music to celebrate which is the main thing, right? Golden Ravedays 10 features another couple of long and epic cuts. The A side features the slo-mo rock 'n' roll swagger of "Rock 'N' Roll Baby" featuring Schaufler's creepy vocals over a hypnotic and at times esoteric sounding arrangement. On the flip, we have something entirely different in the form of "Shining" an early '90s IDM sounding journey which we must admit was our pick on this release - it reminds us of the glory days of Peacefrog and Planet E way back when: when electronic music had soul! Volume 10 does not at all disappoint and for those of you who've not been paying attention thus far: we'd highly recommend you catch up on previous editions: you won't regret it!

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