SUUM CUIQUE - Ascetic Ideals (Front Cover)
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Otherwise known as Demdike Stare's Miles Whittaker, Suum Cuique is a moniker in which he has free reign to create warped, noisy analogue shapes. Opening with the searing, white hot metal of "Strohtopf", you'd be forgiven for thinking that the album moves away from the quiet reverence of the Demdike Stare project, but "Kuiper Anomaly", grit-caked as it is, is soothing stuff. Elsewhere, he lets minimal sounds take free reign, exploring the simple pleasures of echo and reverb - "Atlas Levels" and "Core Value" especially are reminiscent of Bristolian radiophonic knob-twiddler Ekoplekz, whilst "Intonation" has echoes of the lumbering soundscapes of labelmate Andy Stott. But despite the parallels that can be drawn with his contemporaries, Ascetic Ideals is a singularly bleak, yet undeniably beautiful record - one that only Miles Whittaker could have made.

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