TEREKKE - Plant Age (Front Cover)
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Rather than flooding the market with constant batches of releases, Terekke has opted for the quality over quantity option, a decision to which we?re very much partial to. Aside from a handful of releases for several fledgling imprints, the producer has mainly stuck to his native LIES label, Ron Morelli?s powerhouse. Much to our pleasure, both parties seem to be veering more towards the ambient space, and Plant Age is very much an expression of that, gliding majestically between new age and house, constantly morphing and shape-shifting with each new track. This LP is Terekke through and through, touching down with all sorts of airy, tropical aesthetics that are wonderful both on their own, and as one whole piece of music. Dreamy and ever-expanding, this is outsiderism at its best, and surely puts the imitators in their place. Here is the contemporary maestro.

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